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We stand for excellence in performance and engineering

The mark of a tradesman is not just a line, IT’S OUR PURPOSE.
At AEG Powertools, we build products that are cleverly engineered for real tradesmen. We stand for excellence in performance and German engineering, which is why each product or service is created and developed to be “Perfekt in Form und Funktion”.

Proud Past, Exciting Future

Over 120 years of Engineering excellence

Since being founded in 1887, AEG has been leading the way in new product development. By introducing the first ever transportable drilling machines in 1898, portable powertools were born. Over 120 years later, We are still offering the professional tradesman innovative, powerful solutions that can perform in the toughest conditions and are engineered for outstanding reliability and durability.


Powerful solutions that are built to last

We offer an ever-expanding range of powertools and outdoor power products. Our application-specific, brushless motor technology, combined with industry-leading lithium-ion batteries, provides professional tradesmen with reliable, powerful solutions that are built to last.

The AEG 18V Range, is among the most rapidly expanding ranges on the market, providing a wide variety of cordless solutions for the professional tradesman. Within the AEG 18V Range, there are several brushless motor product options. AEG brushless tools feature the latest in application-specific, brushless motor technology. This motor-customization approach, ensures each brushless AEG tool is equipped with a brushless motor designed specifically for that tool’s applications, providing plenty of power and optimized efficiency to ensure long battery run-time.

Patented 18V lithium-ion batteries provide the power to our tools. These batteries feature a robust, impact-resistant outer shell, built to withstand knocks and drops on the jobsite. This protective outer shell houses powerful lithium cells, connected by thick, triple spot welds, ensuring a solid connection to deliver more power when it’s needed most. And because AEG tools are built to last all AEG 18V tools, batteries and chargers are fully backwards and forwards compatible, meaning you can use previous generation tools with the newest batteries, and vice versa.

The AEG Outdoor Power 58V range is designed to be one of the world’s first, true petrol alternatives, and features the core products found in almost any professional Landscaper’s arsenal.

AEG’s new 58V Lithium-Ion Battery is the perfect size & weight to power ratio, providing professional tradesmen with lightweight, powerful options. Our 58V tools feature AEG’s Load Sensing Technology, which enables the tool & battery to form an “electronic handshake,” providing extra power when powering through tough applications.

AEG products are designed to last and provide exceptional performance, which is why we are able to offer the best trade warranty in Australia & New Zealand.


When we say they last, We mean it!

At AEG, we understand that tradesmen depend on their tools day in day out, to help them get their jobs done. Knowing the importance of this AEG provides an extended 6-year warranty on tools and extended 3-year warranty on batteries & chargers when registered online. Our tools are designed to last and provide exceptional performance, which is why we are able to offer the best trade warranty in Australia & New Zealand.


We come to you because seeing is believing

There’s the old saying that seeing is believing and with our AEG Trade Solutions Program you can do just that. We have a team of Trade Field Specialists dedicated to bringing the power and performance of AEG Powertools direct to worksites. Giving tradesmen the opportunity to trial AEG products on site, minimising their downtime and providing them with the opportunity for on-site purchase once they have had their hands-on experience. It doesn’t end there either, as our Trade Field Specialist Team is committed to providing exceptional after sales support.