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58V 16" Brushless Chainsaw Skin

ACS58B200 I/N: 3381232

The AEG 58V 16” Brushless Chainsaw demonstrates impressive cutting performance with a 21m/sec chain speed. The unit features a robust, tooled chain tensioning design, with on-board tool storage. The transparent oil reservoir automatically distributes bar and chain oil to prolong life.


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  • Auto Chain Lubrication for prolonging bar and chain life
  • Chain Brake for Safety
  • Tooled Chain-Tensioning System for jobsite durability
  • Consistent Cutting Torque for smooth cutting
  • On-Board Storage for chain-tensioning Tool.
  • Protective electronics for Fail-Safe mode in extremely abusive conditions
Bar Length
16" (40cm)
Cutting Length
13" (33cm)
Chain Speed
Chain Oil Tank Capacity
4.98 kg
Mqdefault 58V Chainsaw Product Video