46cm Lawn Mower Blade


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Keep your lawn mower in optimal working shape with an AEG 46cm Lawn Mower Blade. This genuine replacement part is made from high-quality steel, designed to be durable and easy to sharpen. The 46cm length ensures maximum cutting swathe, making mowing easier on you and your lawn mower. If your lawn isn't looking its best or if takes on a yellow tone after mowing, it's time to replace your mower blade. Opt for a genuine replacement part for best results. Pick up an AEG 46cm Lawn Mower Blade from your local Bunnings.
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    46cm Blade Width for Wide cut path
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    Restores Cutting Performance of Blade
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    Durable high-quality steel Construction
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    Compatible with ALM18B, ALM18BS6, ALM58B, ALM58Li402
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    What's Included Description

    46cm Blade (ALM1) thumbnail
    46cm Blade (ALM1)
    Blade Material
    Blade Material
    18" / (46cm)
    ALM18B, ALM18BS6, ALM58B, ALM58Li402
    46cm Lawn Mower Blade - Manual
    961200027-01_ALM1_Instruction_Sheet_v1_print.pdf Published: 21-12-2023