AEG A18FTSB0 circular saw in action

AEG 18V FUSION 165mm Track Saw – A18FTSB0

Discover the AEG 18V FUSION 165mm Track Saw launching in the second half of the year. Powered by our FUSION Brushless motor, this track saw delivers maximum power and efficiency. The 165mm blade provides precise and clean cuts, while features like easy depth control and a retractable riving knife provide added control and safety. Convenience is key with on board tool storage, offering easy access for blade changes and track assembly. Plus, the track saw features –1, 0, 22.5, 45, and 47-degree bevel stops to provide the flexibility you need to get the job done. Stay tuned for more info later in the year.

*AEG 1.4M Track Saw Guide Rail sold separately

AEG A18SFN16GA0 Framing Nailer in action

AEG 18V Brushless 16GA Straight C Brad Nailer - A18SFN16GA0

Check out the latest addition to our nailing range this year. Introducing the AEG 18V Brushless 16GA Straight C Brad Nailer – the new go to tool for quick and efficient nailing. Equipped with air drive spring technology, the low-latency design allows for a quick 1 nail per second fire rate. The powerful Brushless motor provides maximum firing efficiencies meaning you can fire up to 1,600 16GA nails per charge when using our 18V 4.0Ah FORCE battery. Clean drive technology delivers cleaner and more consistent firing, while the high-capacity 112 nail magazine minimises downtime by reducing the need for frequent reloading.

AEG A58BLW20 Stealth Blower in action

AEG 58V STEALTH 820CFM Blower – A58BLW20

Meet the AEG 58V STEALTH Blower that delivers more power and runtime with less noise. Packed with innovative features boasting an impressive 820CFM air velocity and 322km/h air speed, it’ll be our most powerful handheld blower on the market. STEALTH quiet technology generates a low 83.6 dB* making it suitable for noise sensitive work environments and is 72% quieter than the previous model (ABL58JB). Feel full control with 3 speed settings. Plus, use the cruise control function for a consistent output and less fatigue. Whether you’re tidying a backyard or clearing a school yard, get more done in a day with our 58V STEALTH 820CFM Blower.

This year we’re adding an 18V 8.0Ah FORCE HD battery and 18V 12.0Ah FORCE HD battery to our battery range.

AEG 18V 8.0Ah FORCE HD Battery - A18OB8

AEG 18V 8.0Ah FORCE HD Battery - A18OB8

Discover the new 18V 8.0Ah FORCE HD battery. Crafted with cutting-edge FORCE HD cells to deliver heavy duty power and runtime to your tools. The Smart Sync System ensures a seamless partnership with our FUSION tools, giving you even more power, more performance and more runtime. It's like having a turbo boost for your tools! This battery delivers more power in the same profile as our 6.0Ah FORCE battery*, giving you the ultimate upgrade without the extra bulk. Keep tabs on the battery’s runtime with the LED fuel gauge, providing real-time monitoring at the touch of a button. Plus, with smart cell spacing, the battery runs cooler for longer, helping to maximise overall runtime. Our new 8.0Ah FORCE HD battery is the perfect combination of power, runtime and size. Perfect for power hungry tools like circ saws, sanders, lawn mowers and chainsaws.


AEG 18V 12.0Ah FORCE HD Battery - A18OB12

AEG 18V 12.0Ah FORCE HD Battery - A18OB12

Unveiling the new 18V 12.0Ah FORCE HD battery – our highest capacity 18V battery yet! This powerhouse battery packs a punch with cutting-edge FORCE HD cells, providing extended runtime for your AEG tools. The Smart Sync System enhances compatibility with FUSION tools, providing an unmatched combination of efficiency and power. Engineered with advanced technology, it delivers consistent and reliable performance, even in the most demanding applications. Stay powered up for longer with our new 12.0Ah FORCE HD battery.

AEG AQS3DRTB Quickstack storage

QUICKSTACK 2.0 3 Drawer Toolbox – AQS3DRTB

Introducing the AEG QUICKSTACK 2.0 – 3-Drawer Toolbox, a game-changer in storage solutions. This versatile system is designed with convenience in mind, offering a range of top-notch features. Tailor your storage to fit your needs with removable and customisable dividers to accommodate various tools and accessories effortlessly. The 3-drawer toolbox is compatible with wheel and handle assembly for easy transport, adding convenience whilst moving between job sites. It’s also built to withstand the toughest conditions, boasting extreme impact resistance, ensuring durability that stands up to the challenges of the job site. Plus, keep your tools secure with the steel padlock eyelet. Discover endless storage configurations with our QUICKSTACK range.


New product launches in our power tool range:
Scheduled for January – June 2024 launch

  • 18V Brushless 16GA Straight C Brad Nailer
  • 18V 8.0Ah FORCE HD Battery
  • 18V Twin 8.0Ah FORCE HD Battery Combo
  • 18V 8.0Ah FORCE HD Starter Kit
  • 18V Brushed 125mm Angle Grinder
  • 18V Magnetic Stick Light
  • 18V Flood Light
  • 18V Brushless 1/4" Trim Router
  • 18V 2.3A Charger
  • 18V 6A Charger

Scheduled for July – Dec 2024 launch

  • 18V FUSION Brushless 165mm Track Saw
  • Track Saw Guide Rail 1.4m
  • 18V Sub Compact Brushless Orbital Sander
  • 18V Brushless 15GA DA Brad Nailer
  • 18V Brushless 15GA Angled Finish Nailer
  • 18V Sub Compact Brushless Bandsaw
  • Dual 18V 20L Wet & Dry Dust Extractor
  • 18V 12.0Ah FORCE HD Battery


Launching in the first half of this year in our commercial outdoor power equipment range:
Scheduled for January – June 2024 launch

  • 58V STEALTH 820CFM Blower
  • 58V STEALTH 820CFM Blower 8.0Ah Kit

Scheduled for July – December 2024 launch

  • 58V Brushless 10" Pole Pruner Skin
  • 58V Brushless 500mm Pole Hedge Trimmer Skin



New product launches in storage solutions:
Scheduled for January – December 2024 launch

  • QUICKSTACK 2.0 - 3 Drawer Toolbox
  • QUICKSTACK 2.0 - Tech Bag
  • QUICKSTACK 2.0 - Tote Bag
  • QUICKSTACK 2.0 - Tool Bag
  • QUICKSTACK - Battery Holder

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