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Quickstack Modular Storage 3 Piece Kit

AEG-PROSS I/N: 0034499

The AEG heavy-duty stackable storage system can keep your equipment out of harm’s way. Perfect for on-site storage and transportation, its high-impact resistant resin offers protection against water damage and worksite debris. Each storage unit features metal handles and a central locking system for added security. Instead of leaving your tools lying around, this storage system can keep them safe and in excellent condition.


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  • High-impact resistant resin material
  • Heavy-duty latches and handles
  • All units are compatible and interchangeable
  • IP55 rated to offer superior protection against water damage and debris
  • Telescope Metal Handle
Weight Capacity
564 x 456 x 860
Number of Shelves
  • Quickstack Cart
  • Quickstack Tool Box
  • Quickstack Organiser
Mqdefault Introducing Quickstack Modular Storage System